New Hope

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City Overview

New Hope is a large, fairly prosperous New England city. It was hit hard by the loss of industrial jobs, but New Hope was diversified enough to survive, including being a regional center of high finance, fashion, and art, as well having a world-class gem trade and robust corporate presence. Industry isn’t gone completely and New Hope is still a manufacturing and trade hub.

What is now New Hope was once three distinct towns that grew together: New Hope proper (centered on what is now the Drover’s Park neighborhood), Morganville to the south (centered on what is now Morgan County Reservoir), and Roosevelt to the Northwest (now Nobility Hill, Roosevelt Park, and Blackgate districts). As New Hope grew, it swallowed Roosevelt quickly. It wasn’t until the the 1960s that Morganville was incorporated into New Hope.

Troubled History

New Hope was originally founded in 1632. It was one of the early New England Puritan settlements. Since then there has been a cycle of disasters and riots. They occur exactly every 66 years, though few have realized this.

The Supernatural

New Hope has long drawn the attention of monsters, sorcerers, and stranger things. See the Factions page for an overview of how the supernatural and clued-in mortal groups interact or click on a link below to go to a specific group’s page:

  • Werewolves — Weakened by a recent war between factions
  • Vampires — The strongest faction since the werewolf war
  • Mages — Present, but mostly keep a low-profile
  • The Silver Lady — Her tie to recent violence is unclear
  • An ancient evil is whispered by to sleep beneath the city


(Note: The New Hope map and districts are based on the fictional city of Newcastle from the excellent Damnation City book for Vampire: The Requiem with a few name changes and minor changes.)

District Map


District Descriptions

  1. Grand Junction — Bus terminal and decaying neighborhood
  2. Center Street Station — Busy rail station
  3. Newcastle Harbor — Harbor and industrial center
  4. Pat Gleason Memorial Airport — Small, rundown intl airport
  5. Red Beach — Out-of-date power plant and residential
  6. Graves Island — Waste plant on small island
  7. The Yards — Chemical plant and almost idyllic neighborhood
  8. Nor Lock — Industrial works, sprawl of concrete and steel
  9. Lockam — Slums for Nor Lock’s workers (mostly Latino/black)
  10. Morgan County Reservoir — Decent neighborhood near slums
  11. Hoyt and Cross — Financial sector with banks & firms
  12. Three Corners — Trendy, vintage neighborhood
  13. Teletex Circus — Media sector of design houses & consultants
  14. Printer’s Corner — Trendy; less glamorous than Three Corners
  15. Wicker Village — Muslim & Hindu area; tensions rising
  16. Mount Zion — Jewish neighborhood with Old World feel
  17. Ormwood — Slums with heavy crime and gangs
  18. Hohenheim College — College named for library of rare books
  19. Diamond street — Gem trade in wealthy, safe neighborhood
  20. “The Big Six” — Largest skyscrapers in city; corporate district
  21. Felix Plaza — Imposing courts and government buildings
  22. Drover’s Park — Oldest neighborhood in New Hope
  23. Castleback Circle — City government center
  24. Police Plaza — Sprawling police headquarters
  25. St Judes Cathedral — Blue collar neighborhood & cathedral
  26. Fincher Park Asylum & lower middle-class neighborhood
  27. Morgan County Medical Center — New huge medical center
  28. Marlowe Cemetery — Cemetery & lower-class neighborhood
  29. Marshall Campus — Museums & quiet neighborhood
  30. Ferryman — Revitalized theater district
  31. Ashton Park — Hip neighborhood; art museums & galleries
  32. Little Paris — Fashion center with fashion worn on display
  33. Wear Street — Neon-lit strip with dozens of A-list clubs
  34. Waterbank — Declining boardwalk shopping center
  35. Fells Heights — Nightclub district with smaller, tenured clubs
  36. Laidlaw Towers Projects — Public housing; violent slum
  37. Kellow — Slum; low density, low income neighborhood
  38. Edge Harbor — Slum; built on swampy ground
  39. Briarville — Slum; overdeveloped sprawl
  40. Walter Chadwick Projects — Public housing; violent slum
  41. Ripley — Slum; trailer homes and tract houses
  42. Spoke Hill — Underground rail station hub and shops
  43. Chinatown — Chinese ethnic enclave and tourist trap
  44. Calexico — Tourist trap of taquerios and souvenirs
  45. Little Italy — High-end restaurants and street cafes
  46. Nobility Hill — Wealthiest neighborhood; old money
  47. Blackgate — Nouveau-riche McMansions built recently
  48. Roosevelt Park — Second wealthiest neighborhood
  49. University of Newcastle — Reputation as a party school
  50. Hoetsch Island — Waste-treatment facilities on island

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Parks and Monuments

New Hope

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