The Sparkblood Seneschal

Spirit ruler of the Red Beach Power Plant and the local power grid spirits


Rank: 4
Attributes: Power 12, Finesse 10, Resistance 8
Willpower: 10
Initiative: 18
Defense: 10
Speed: 22
Size: 9
Corpus: 17
Influences: Electricity 3, Information 1
Manifestations: Gauntlet Breach, Image, Materialize, Reaching, Shadow Gateway, Twilight Form
Numina: Awe, Blast, Implant Mission, Left-Handed Spanner, Pathfinder, Rapture, Regenerate, Speed, Sign


The Seneschal serves as local ruler of the Red Beach Power Plant. Rushing tides of traveling spirits pour through its court with a stream of tithed information and Essence

The Seneschal is an utterly inhuman mass of shining wire-threads and gleaming, almost organic-looking metal, its form pock-marked by blazing spheres of light. Electricity cracks and sparkles throughout its impossible shape. It’s a cross between a Giger-esque nightmare and a Tesla coil. It’s big, with trailing veils of cables and reaching talons of bronze-bound lightning that can rip a man in half. The air around the Seneschal warps and shimmers with the weight
of its presence and the information roiling through its flesh.

The Sparkblood Seneschal

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