Miss Nyx

Self-styled "Queen of Monsters" who controls the subways


Miss Nyx, the self-styled “Queen of Monsters,” claims the territory along with her brood. No one is quite sure what she is, though on the surface she appears to be a teenage goth girl who always seems to smell faintly of seawater.


It is clear she has significant supernatural power and all attempts to seize control of the subways has ended badly (and bloodily) for the interlopers. She claims to control everything beneath the city, though in reality her control is limited mostly to the subway stations and trains.

All supernatural entities who wish to ride the subways are required to pay an extra “tithe” (though her brood is spread thin enough that it’s by no means certain that they’ll be caught sneaking through without paying — it’s a dangerous gamble, though).

Miss Nyx

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