Prophet of the Void; crazed street preacher or angel


Eliezer may or may not be spirit-claimed. What is clear is that many spirits hover around him and seem to worship him, or something similar. He is also stronger than any mere human and has other strange powers.

To those who can’t see spirits, he is a huge homeless man with an unkempt beard and crazed eyes. He sometimes has a small group of people near him who can best be described as followers.


The crazed street preacher calls himself many different names, including the “Angel of the Gospel of Vitiare” and the “Prophet of the Void.” He claims to be the son of Nimrod from the Old Testament and grandson of Cush. He claims to have been there when Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed and to have been rewarded for his help. But he is stuck on earth because God is dead. However he believes God can be reborn. All that requires is destroying and remaking the earth. He is working on building an army of 318 soldiers (318 is his sacred number in Hebrew). He only has a tiny fraction of that number now, but is patient.


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