The Accord

Flock of strange bird spirits summoned to bind the peace treaty


The fighting between the Pure and the Forsaken was devastating to both sides, but neither side trusted the other side to hold their end of the peace treaty.

The solution agreed upon was that elder rite masters from both sides cooperated to summon a powerful and terrible choir of spirits that call themselves the Accord. Each member of each pack holding territory in New Hope or the surrounding area was required to give a piece of bone to the rite. Most chose the tip of a finger, a tooth, or something similar. That offering gives the Accord a great deal of power to enact punishment for any infringement of the peace treaty. Finally, all new packs entering the area must participate in the rite within one lunar cycle of entering the area (including sacrificing a bone) or the peace treaty will be considered broken. Finally, the peace treaty is temporary and there are defined terms for when and how it can be ended without counting as a violation.

The Accord takes the form of a variable number of small birds. They are everywhere in the hisil around New Hope and they can easily see all werewolves that are part of the ritual on either side of the gauntlet. Individually, they are not strong (though other spirits give them a wide berth). However, they can sense any violation within a mile, and since they are everywhere, there is nowhere in the city or surrounding areas that is outside the range of their detection.

When a violation occurs, hundreds of birds appear almost instantly. Some coalesce into horrific humanoid shapes and others stay birdlike. They can Reach across the gauntlet in order to fulfill their duty. They are also very strong, on par with one of the spirit lords, and their beaks and talons cut through the offending werewolves like tissue paper and the wounds inflicted do not regenerate. The offending werewolves will be attacked until they are dead or they flee out of the area. The Accord is just as content with exile as execution, so fleeing is usually an option.

The Accord is very literal and interprets the peace treaty in legalistic terms. They care about the letter of the agreement, not the spirit (no pun intended). As such, the rite masters were careful in their wording.


The Accord

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