The City of New Hope.

This New England port city hugs the Atlantic Sea on one side and stretches out beyond the city limits into a vast suburban sprawl on the other side. It’s an old city by American standards with dark origins and its fair share of growth, corruption, and hope.

Monsters are nestled deep into the night here. Vampires are fat parasites, witches and sorcerers pursue their obsessions and consequences be damned, and weirder things stake their claims.

The Uratha (werewolves caught between the world of flesh and spirits) hunt here as they do elsewhere, but in fewer numbers than the city size would suggest. Recent war between the two factions of Forsaken and Pure has thinned their numbers and the city has been divided between them with a no-wolves zone between. The war hasn’t ended, it has just gone cold as both sides lick their wounds and harbor old grudges.

The spiritscape of the city is darkened as well. Beyond the spirits of violence and hatred spawned by the fighting, there is a strange new force moving in the city unlike any the local wolves have encountered before. They haven’t recognized its true danger at the start of the campaign, but that will change rapidly. Soon every wolf will know of the figure traveling through the worst hit parts of the city, offering hope to the most downtrodden. This angelic figure threatens to tear the city apart with her soft silver hands and tears that soothe pain and transform it into hope for vengeance and the power to bring it crashing down on their hated oppressors.

The Silver Lady.

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The Silver Lady

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