Sixty-Six Year Cycle

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A Cycle of Violence

New Hope is a city with a history stretching back into the earliest history of New England. Though few are aware of it, there is a repeating cycle of tragedy throughout its history. Something dark and malevolent and ancient is bound in fitful sleep beneath the city. Every 66 years the city goes mad with violence. In 1951, the New Hope Riots were attributed to racial tensions, but a handful put it together with the Gantrey Massacre of 1885 and the fire that burned the entire town to the ground in of 1819. The pattern stretches back further than that, though details before the fire are lost.

Past Events

New Hope was originally founded in 1632. It was one of the early New England Puritan settlements. Since then there have been a few large disasters and riots:

  • In 1753, the entire town was abandoned mysteriously seemingly overnight, similar to famed Roanoake; it was resettled and rebuilt shortly afterwards
  • In 1819, the Great Fire burned two-thirds of the city to the ground
  • In 1885, the Gantrey Massacre occurred when typhoid spread throughout the city and a charismatic religious figure named Thomas Gantrey convinced half the city that it was a punishment from god and only slaughtering “the wicked” would end the plague
  • In 1951, the New Hope Race Riots gripped the entire city and were among the bloodiest riots in US history, resulting in thousands of deaths and many more injuries

The Present

It’s now 2017 — sixty-six years from the last wave of violence. That will be at the heart of this campaign.

The Silver Lady

The Silver Lady seems to be tied to the wave of violence that is just beginning. What is the nature of her involvement? Is she the cause or a symptom? Has she been a part of each event in the past, or is she something new?

Sixty-Six Year Cycle

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