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Here is where things stand at the beginning of the campaign, before the players’ pack gets involved…

A Cycle of Violence

New Hope is a city with a history stretching back into the earliest history of New England. Though few are aware of it, there is a repeating cycle of tragedy throughout its history. Something dark and malevolent and ancient is bound in fitful sleep beneath the city. Every 66 years the city goes mad with violence. In 1951, the New Hope Riots were attributed to racial tensions, but a handful put it together with the Gantrey Massacre of 1885 and the fire that burned the entire town to the ground in of 1819. The pattern stretches back further than that, though details before the fire are lost.

The People

Some among the Uratha remembered the pattern and waited for for the next wave in 2017, but they died or were driven out in the bitter two years of violence between the Forsaken and the Pure. Both the Forsaken and Pure are still recovering and have other problems to keep their attention.

The Shadow

Strangely, the spirit world has no awareness of the cycle. The sleeping elder thing beneath the city is unknown and likely unknowable to them. The spirit courts may not understand what is happening, but they are being changed already; violent spirits are being affected first, but even otherwise peaceful courts are changing.

The Silver Lady

At the heart of it is an angelic woman appearing only in darkness, glowing with a soothing silver light. She has appeared so far only to innocents who have been wronged. She takes away pain with her tears and offers the promise of revenge. Her proffered revenge always leaves blood spattered thickly and the spirit world wounded and corrupted.

Is she the cause or merely a symptom? Has she appeared during the past cycles or does she mark something new? How far will the violence spread this time?

The Heroes

A young pack has recently claimed a territory on the south side of the city. The first visitations of the Silver Lady occur in their territory, putting them squarely in the center of the mystery.

Will they understand the threat in time to do anything about it? When the threat spreads outside the borders of their territory, will they be able to overcome the challenges of neighbors ranging from indifferent to murderous?

Or will they be forced to flee as their city tears itself apart?

The Player Characters

The Pack

We haven’t made characters yet, but a summary of pack and links to characters will be here soon after we start.

Pack Territory

Similarly, the locations and details of the PC’s territory will be here.

Session Synopses

Once we get started, I will keep a list of all sessions with brief synopses here, including links to the full session write-ups.

Main Page

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