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Precarious Balance of Power

Vampires and werewolves are the two strongest factions in the city. Once, werewolves would have been stronger than vampires if they weren’t divided Pure against Forsaken. After the recent war between the two werewolf factions, vampires are clearly the most powerful faction. Other factions exist, including mages and stranger things, but they tend to own their own corners of the night and keep to themselves.


Werewolves (also known as Uratha or “the People”) have been present in the area since long before the town was first founded. The area has always been spiritually troubled but also rich in Essence. New Hope has historically been a stronghold of the Pure while Morganville (now the south of New Hope) being Forsaken territory. Recent war has devastated both sides and there is currently a tenuous peace treaty.

The Tribes of the Moon

The Tribes of the Moon, more commonly called the Forsaken, are strongest in the south of New Hope. All territories in the north half of the city were lost or ceded in the peace treaty.

The Pure Tribes

The Pure Tribes are strongest in the north of New Hope. All territories in the south half of the city were lost or ceded in the peace treaty.


Spirits are as omnipresent in New Hope as they are in any city. The spirit lords grow a little fatter here due to a slightly higher trickle of Essence than usual and their underlings are a little more restless and scheming to take their place. Whatever ancient threat is under the city, the spirits seem oblivious to it and seem unable to even understand questions about it.

(Go to the Spirits page for more details on the courts and spirit lords)


Vampires (they call themselves “Kindred”) have been in New Hope for centuries and are firmly rooted like fat leeches throughout the city. In the aftermath of the werewolf war, the vampires claim the downtown and central New Hope areas, acting as a buffer between the Pure in the north and Forsaken in the south.

Vampires and werewolves don’t necessarily get along, but they’ve seldom come to open conflict. Generally, vampires and werewolves each claim their own territories and respect each other’s borders.

The vampires have their own factions and politics, but the most powerful vampires call themselves the First Estate and seem to act similar to feudal lords, lead by a self-stylized “Prince”. The lords hand out territory to their underlings and demand obedience in return. Not all vampires are part of this hierarchy; some stay independent and seem seem to actively oppose it. The inner workings of vampire politics are not well-known to many outsiders.


Mages are present, drawn to certain mysteries woven into New Hope’s history. However, they are not a strong force in most of the city, preferring to keep to themselves.

It’s unclear to most outsiders if the mages have any kind of larger organization or if they’re made up of disparate solo practitioners and cabals. Certainly no larger mage organization has made itself known to the other factions and so mages do not interact with the other factions as a unified front.

The Soul’s Army

The exception to the rule of mages keeping a low profile in New Hope is the powerful sorcerer named Jimarcus Slidell has claimed the Walter Chadwick Projects as his turf and is building a faction he calls the Soul’s Army. He possesses great telepathic abilities. His goals are unclear.

Other Supernaturals

Queen of Monsters (Subways)

Spoke Hill, the underground rail station hub, is a central transportation and retail hub in the city. it’s a famous hallmark of the city. it’s also surprisingly dangerous, especially at night. While both vampires and werewolves would like to claim the territory, it is already controlled by something else.

Miss Nyx, the self-styled “Queen of Monsters,” claims the territory along with her brood. No one is quite sure what she is, though on the surface she appears to be a teenage goth girl who always seems to smell faintly of seawater. It is clear she has significant supernatural power and all attempts to seize control of the subways has ended badly (and bloodily) for the interlopers. She claims to control everything beneath the city, though in reality her control is limited mostly to the subway stations and trains.

All supernatural entities who wish to ride the subways are required to pay an extra “tithe” (though her brood is spread thin enough that it’s by no means certain that they’ll be caught sneaking through without paying — it’s a dangerous gamble, though).

The Prophet of the Void

Eliezer may or may not be spirit-claimed. What is clear is that many spirits hover around him and seem to worship him, or something similar. He is also stronger than any mere human and has other strange powers.

The crazed street preacher calls himself many different names, including the “Angel of the Gospel of Vitiare” and the “Prophet of the Void.” He claims to be the son of Nimrod from the Old Testament and grandson of Cush. He claims to have been there when Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed and to have been rewarded for his help. But he is stuck on earth because God is dead. However he believes God can be reborn. All that requires is destroying and remaking the earth. He is working on building an army of 318 soldiers (318 is his sacred number in Hebrew). He only has a tiny fraction of that number now, but is patient.

The Silver Lady

The Silver Lady has been seen increasingly lately in the south and seems tied to recent rises in violence — she is not simply a spirit or a ghost, though she has traits of both.

What Lies Beneath

An ancient, primordial evil is whispered by both Pure and Forsaken lore to be sleeping beneath the city, though the spirits know nothing about it.


City Hall

The city government is centered in Castleback Circle, with the courts based in Felix Plaza.

The city government is very corrupt, in both the usual mundane ways and riddled with vampiric influence. The mayor is generally left alone by some unspoken agreement, but the career bureaucrats are often steeped in corruption.

The Police

Centered in Police Plaza, but with stations throughout the city, the police are a powerful mundane force in the city. They are also surprisingly resistant to corruption and attempts by vampires and others to get them under their influence have generally failed.

Some werewolves whisper that the New Hope Police Department has a powerful patron spirit with a relationship disturbingly similar to pack totems to their packs.

University of Newcastle Library

The University of Newcastle is famed for its library. It is rumored to hold many strange books, including many rare and old occult books.

Black Lake Park

Black Lake Park is a green oasis in the center of the city bordering Black Lake between the museums of Marshall Campus and the theaters of Ferryman, but it wasn’t always. Four years ago it had fallen into disrepair, then a not-for-profit group calling itself the Park Beautification Conservancy stepped in, mostly made of private donors from the Nobility Hill area. They have turned it around completely.

Behind the scenes, it used to be under the control of a Pure pack of Predator Kings, but the Conservancy drove them out. Rumors are that half of the pack were killed and the other half are still being held captive. There are no indications that the Conservancy is anything but mortals, but they are clearly packing some power.


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